BFI IMAX – Nolan Double Bill


So on Thursday, I went to BFI like a geek to see a Christopher Nolan double Bill of Inception and Interstellar. The first film was Interstellar, followed by Inception. And it was so great to be surrounded by people who were super Nolan fans. It started at six, so I got my Americano and watched the gift from Nolan. I booked my ticket a week ahead but still didn’t get a seat in the middle row. Which really shows how big of a fan base Nolan has.
Now, I am aware I study film, and I believe me, I love it and feel comfortable talking in depth about it. And I really am a huge Nolan fan, but no… I hadn’t watched Interstellar. Not because I didn’t want to, but because being a student I was short on funds at the time. And being a huge film fan, I knew this wasn’t a film to watch on my outdated samsung laptop. So I waited knowing that it would come to BFI at some stage, and boy was I right!

However, after watching the film, I felt confused. Fo the first time watching A Christopher Nolan film, I didn’t know how to respond. I like it, I really did. The visuals were amazing for one. I can’t believe how believable it all looked. I liked the concept of the world running out of food, which we probably are on our way to doing (but very slowly). It’s a great idea for a film as a social message as well, even though it won’t stop people tearing into their steak.

Interstellar, 1st world

I also feel it must be complimented that Nolan finds it easy to incorporate emotional and family sub-plots to textbook sic-fi films. It’s funny because others opt to make sic-fi films where the world must be saved and the only humane element in the film is a love interest. However, in Interstellar we have an entire family of generations that it effects. It’s a skill he has that I can only imagine isn’t easy to find the right equilibrium. Yet he’s proved time and and time again that it can be accomplished.

However concluding my ambiguous thoughts on Interstellar, something is holding me back from saying it’s amazing confidently, yet there is nothing wrong with it. Maybe my mind was clouded with incredibly high expectations or clouded with other people’s thoughts. Either way, i’ll find out hopefully.

inception 90 degree street

Moving on to Inception. It was brilliant. Beautiful. Alluring. My favourite film hands down. I couldn’t believe how amazing it was all over again. It’s strange to think someone created a piece of work this delicious. I almost wept, like I did the first time I watched it. The original score by Hans Zimmer is one of the best i’ve heard from him and for a film. I remember going through my friends iPod and she had ‘Time’ as song on her playlist. I saw homemade video’s that had ‘Time’ as the music in the background. And it’s not just Inception, it’s Hans Zimmer in general. He’s an amazing composer. I could give you a list of what’s he’s done but it’s too damn long – so here’s a link.

Connecting to his audience with the alluring concept of dreams was so simple, yet achieved with elegance and charm accompanied with an incredible cast was something can’t have been easy. It’s just… wow. You may think i’m exaggerating, but watch it again uninterrupted and I hope it’s as mentally stimulating for you as it is for me. Everyone deserves this kind of exposure.

D. x

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