6 Reasons to watch “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.”


So you’ve seen the posters, you’ve seen the trailers, you’ve even seen the reviews but you’re still not convinced. Here’s where i’m more than willing to step in and tell you why you should go to the cinema and watch Guy Ritchie’s latest film without hesitation.

The Style


The style of this film is simply amazing, absolutely great cinematography throughout. The artistic view we see of the film is in tune with the fashion, right down to a tee. It’s nice to see a film like this set in the 60’s instead of chucking it into the 21st century with s**t loads of amazing technology. It does have a James Bond feels to it, but not at all in a bad way. More of an inspiration, in terms of being a good old fashion agent and completing your mission. Who needs an exploding pen?

The Location


I can’t remember the last film I watched that I wanted to jump right into (even knowing scenes were filmed a few minutes from my house). The various locations for the film are a sight to see in the 60’s which was refreshing. But Italy was definitely the stand out location. The whole place just looked amazing, I wanted to be there with a cocktail in my hand and my perfect circle sunglasses. Even when they are around the ruins in Italy, it still manages to look amazing. It’s not a sight to miss.

The Action


As stylish as the the film is, it doesn’t lack any action. The best part of the action is that part of it probably contains the best comedy. You won’t find things too serious in this film, you’ll enjoy it all the way through. Even while I was kept on the edge of my seat in case they were to ever blow their cover; it seems the characters themselves kept a kind of composure I couldn’t have in my own home. Watching trained CIA and KGB agents never get’s old I guess.

The Actress


I have to say, I’m so glad for Alicia Vikander, as I remember seeing her in Anna Karenina thinking she was brilliant even though she payed a small role. However, instead of a corset in 19th Century Russia, she’s in the most chic outfits in this film and shows she can do comedy as well while still giving a great performnce. But you’ll see in the film, she’s not just a pretty face, and not one to be messed with…

The Man of Steel


Henry Cavill really surprised me in this role. I suppose i’ve only ever seen him in Man of Steel, and I don’t really feel Superman is challenging as a character. But seeing him here, was great. Wit, charm, sex, and calm all in one. It was really great to see him do something different. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him in a swell performance. (Especially with his cheekbones).

The Soundtrack


I don’t know what it is, maybe it just complements the tone and style of the film so much, but there is something about the soundtrack that makes you want to tap your feet, even at the most awkward of scenes. You’ll be on Spotify when you’ve finished watching it saving every song on to a playlist. Daniel Pemberton has done an unimaginable job with the soundtrack! This film really is “Mr. Cool”. Watch out for the above dance scene in the hotel, it’s not one to miss! Armie Hammer definitely deserves a mention for a vey controlled performance.

I’ve done it, i’ve told you! Now it’s your turn to go to your local cinema, and go back in time…

D. x