Tom Hardy – The LEGEND

Legend Poster

I knew Legend was a film that I had to watch, not just because i’m a fan of Tom Hardy and believe he is one of the finest British actors about. I also enjoy a good biopic, which I forgot the film was. It was told so well, that I forgot that it was a biopic and almost saw it as an original screenplay adapted from scratch – I couldn’t even tell you why. As well as being a great film, it was thoroughly entertaining and I enjoyed every bit of it. It has a great script and a clear distinction between the two twins, they very much are two different people.

Which leads me on to the fabulous performance by Tom Hardy who portrayed both Kray twins Ronnie and Reggie. His characterisation of both men is absolute. While watching, I simply forgot that the two twins were being played by the same actor playing different characters. It was so convincing and truly great to see a fine actor flex his muscles and really show what they’re made of. Right down to Hardy’s vocal’s – there was a distinct difference.

Kray Twins

Reggie clearly had things more together in his life and processed things differently which is a little more familiar to the Tom Hardy role we would expect to see; yet Reggie still seemed more relaxed and not up tight. Whereas Ronnie was a loose cannon with a drop lip that added to his intimidating character. To the extent where he made me nervous through a screen, there were scenes where I was scared of what he was going to do next! Not just the way he walked, but also little gestures that Hardy created for both the characters. I can’t applaud Hardy enough.

Legend - east end

I purposely watched The Drop as well which I have to say is a secretly brilliant film, and is just as tense as Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker¬†which had me on my feet. I watched The Drop, to get a rough grasp of Hardy’s development as an actor. I haven’t watched all of his films but i’ve watched one at least every two years and he really does deserve more recognition than he gets for excelling as an actor. He’s proved that he can not only play “the hard one” but he can pull off the hardest character he’s faced with without having to be so extrovert about it. This is shown in The Drop.

I didn’t even realise until half way through the film that young¬†Kingsman star Taron Egerton was in the film and will definitely prove to be a talent in the forceable future. He plays Mad Teddy.

Legend - teddy

The comedy in the film can’t be unnoticed as well, which actually proves to be a great comic relief with some of the very serious and violent scenes in the film. It definitely isn’t for the faint hearted if you can’t handle a punch. Or should I say hammer?

I don’t know too much about the writer and directer Brian Helmand as I would with other writers or directors, but I know he’s a damn good writer. Looking at his filmography, he’s not only been behind great screenplays such as L. A. Confidential, but he won an Oscar for it. An it seems he hasn’t lost his touch. Coming from a Brit, and knowing I wasn’t born in the 60’s he seems to have captured it very well in this film.

Legend 60's

What I still like about the film is how unpredictable it is. Characters climbing so high, yet falling so low, as well as the lowest climbing higher and making their own rules. And just like me before I watched you may think, why is it different to any other “gangster film” and you’re right! Why is it? It’s because it’s bloody brilliant. Go and watch and tell me you don’t like it at the end! Legend!

D. x